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Originally, Guillaume and Cyril are both freelance graphic designers passionate about the overall picture (graphic design and photography). Their collaboration for 2 years including the development of websites motivated them to create SLOKED together.
Independent designer Guillaume (Lafarge) is a recently graduate student in Graphic Design (ECV), he is much into design, photography, video and web. Cyril himself a freelance graphic designer and photographer who created YURB'N in 2000, has been operating for 20 years in the graphic arts field.
So this association came naturally for the development of web sites in which aesthetics combined with technology had to become reality.
Assign a project to SLOKED means it will make a difference on a must-have support, by acquiring a website with conceptual design, tailored to your needs, artistically as well as technically. SLOKED accompanies you throughout the process, from the initial brief to delivery ...



The concept is the cornerstone of a project that we strongly believe in... making the brief, we analyze your needs to create the most accurate and consistent concept before processing to the creative phase ...


Once the concept defined, we offer our creative research based on graphic, photographic and editorial material discussed with you ... first in the form of paper roughs before validation...


We design the interface and interaction (animation, transitions ...) of your project. We attach great importance to the aesthetic and web navigation. Our approach is the same for a showcase site or a site shop: offering a unique tailor-made service.


We attach great importance to the development of new technologies. We design our projects by providing technical expertise: programming AS3 (Flash), PHP5, MySQL (database), XML, (X) HTML (W3C strict validation of our site), CSS, SSL certification, management and configuration Your hosting, integration APIs and remote services, admin back-end ... providing you a technical answer to meet you requirements. We optimize the best SEO of our websites using our own indexing techniques (especially for flash sites), allowing them to appear on search engines.


We offer photo shootings on site or in the studio. Our photographic vision allows us to be consistent with our creative process.


We are able to offer High Definition video footage with the ability to integrate it into your project. We provide shooting, editing and compositing integration. We offer you the opportunity to make a custom interactive DVD of your movie.


We monitor and support your project from A to Z: updates, technical monitoring, hosting, re-cast ...


Dame de onze heures

Dame de onze heures Dame de onze heures Dame de onze heures

Wine of Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion.


Izi-fit Izi-fit Izi-fit

Fitness club.

Mes primeurs

Mes primeurs Mes primeurs Mes primeurs

Shop and wine merchant.

Vignobles et Châteaux

Vignobles et Châteaux Vignobles et Châteaux Vignobles et Châteaux

Shop sales and consulting wine.
AS2 + Backend


Yurb'n Yurb'n Yurb'n

Graphic design agency.
AS3 + Backend

Guillaume Lafarge

Guillaume Lafarge Guillaume Lafarge Guillaume Lafarge

Independent designer.
AS3 + Backend

Marie Castaing - Jean Deslus

Marie Castaing - Jean Deslus Marie Castaing - Jean Deslus Marie Castaing - Jean Deslus

Architecture & design agency in Bordeaux.

10 rue Guiraude
33000 Bordeaux

Guillaume LAFARGE : +33 (0) 637 544 820
Cyril BERNARD : +33 (0) 688 468 565